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January 2017

Bottled Water

I think it’s pointless for people in North America to be drinking bottled water. Almost all of us have access to drinkable fresh water, but we are convinced that bottled water is better. All to for companies to make money. Instead, we should be valuing that we have taps with running water and perhaps companies can start shipping their water to countries who don’t have access to water. There is still the one problem with that is that the pollution from plastic bottles. As well, often these countries don’t have proper disposing and recycling areas so they would accumulate in villages.

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Southeast Asia Biodiversity – Biggest Threats

Naturally, southeast Asia is an area with some of the world’s most diverse biodiversity. Although the increasing population of about 4 million people are damaging this.┬áDeforestation rates in Southeast Asia are very high, and for the tropics their mining rates are the highest. The region also has a number of hydro-power dams under construction. Finally, the amount of species being killed and used for traditional medicines is immense. This all adds up to extreme habitat loss and the hunting and trade of animals doesn’t help. These types of problems are happening all over the world. In my opinion, this is one of our greatest problems because all of the species on earth are interdependent. Every time we lose a species, it damages multiple other species and causes a chain reaction. Also, you can clearly see by this that animals are very important to many communities economy’s, yet if we continue to deplete them we wont be able to depend on them for survival any more.


Palm Oil Industry

Palm Oil is an ingredient in a wide variety of products, and is a huge contributor to deforestation. With this loss of trees our greenhouse gases increase dramatically because their CO2 is released and then their is fewer trees to absorb and clean our air with. Also, palm oil farms our huge expanding huge areas. This means there is less room for food crops and livestock which is also becoming a large problem with our increasing population. Ways to help with this could be to look at the ingredients when you’re shopping and try to purchase ones without palm oil. As well, any wood and wood products you get make sure they have the Canadian forest certification.

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Melting Ice Caps

Glacier melting is a current issue in our environment and needs to be urgently addressed. It is happening as a result of global warming from our increasing carbon emissions. There is a hole in the ozone so the iced caps are exposed to more sun and are melting quicker. It’s causing habitat destruction for polar bears and other Arctic species. As well, sea levels are rising and eventually most of our shoreline cities will be under water. Unless we can drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions this will continue.

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