Naturally, southeast Asia is an area with some of the world’s most diverse biodiversity. Although the increasing population of about 4 million people are damaging this. Deforestation rates in Southeast Asia are very high, and for the tropics their mining rates are the highest. The region also has a number of hydro-power dams under construction. Finally, the amount of species being killed and used for traditional medicines is immense. This all adds up to extreme habitat loss and the hunting and trade of animals doesn’t help. These types of problems are happening all over the world. In my opinion, this is one of our greatest problems because all of the species on earth are interdependent. Every time we lose a species, it damages multiple other species and causes a chain reaction. Also, you can clearly see by this that animals are very important to many communities economy’s, yet if we continue to deplete them we wont be able to depend on them for survival any more.